EOTECSitePhase1Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center Phase 1:

  • 55 Acres + 39 Future Needs
  • Exhibitor & Event Center          
  • Three Animal Barns
  • Rodeo Arena



EOTEC Project – Progress to Date

  • Site utilities, grading and asphalt paving design 100% complete.
  • Water main, service stubs and fire hydrants installed throughout site.
  • Sanitary sewer system and service stubs installed throughout site.
  • Storm water system and retention basins installed.
  • Perimeter fencing installed at Ott Road and Airport Road.
  • Excavation and grading complete.
  • All areas to be paved have been rocked and graded.
  • Permanent electrical underground installed.
  • Telecommunications conduit installed throughout the site.
  • Permanent lighting for access roads installed.
  • Temporary stabilization seeding installed.
  • Two water wells drilled and tested, with one well being approved for use.
  • Extension of City water line from Highway 395 to EOTEC site (City Project).
  • Sanitary sewer system installed, including lift station (City Project).
  • Exhibitor and Trade Center designed and under construction (delivery in March 2016).

EOTEC Site Plan

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Ariel Shot of EOTEC Grounds March 31st, 2017